Since the rise of cryptocurrencies we've seen the likes of ICO- Initial Coin Offering which came into the limelight in 2017, then the STO- Security Token Offering, which birthed IEO- Initial Exchange Offering, then the likes of IDO- Initial Dex Offering & co.

These were fundraising techniques which founders used to raise liquidity for their projects. With the rise of Defi in 2020, investors needed a more decentralized mode of funding which brought about the idea of ILO.

What is an ILO?

ILO, known as Initial Liquidity Offering, is a new fundraising technique whereby founders and start-ups sell their token to a defi based exchanges (DEX) with the help of Automated Market Maker (AMM) with the main objective of raising liquidity.

How does it work?

After contributing your liquidity to the pool which will be done with stablecoins, the sale begins. Once the sale is done you'll receive your profits in stablecoins and yield bonuses, which is because of the risk taken in buying the token at an early stage.

Why should you use ILO? What are the benefits?

•Faster Sale: Once the token sale is done ,with the help of the AMM mechanism, the token automatically sells off because that's how it's programmed. So investors don't have to wait to sell their tokens after the sale.

•Immediate Liquidity: As the ILO is carried out on a DEX with the help of AMM, the tokens liquidity is released immediately.

•Lower Cost: It costs lower to use the ILO technique compared to that of ICO & IEO.

•Fair Method: When the tokens go live,it still gives other private investors an opportunity to buy at a lower price.

An example of a token that uses this method is @Dosa_Coin.

What is Dosa?

Dosa is a Web3 protocol that enables holders of the $Dosa token, to vote for how the Dosa treasury wallet is spent, in a function known as the “Dosa Bomb”.

With the help of ILO technique, @Dosa_Coin is holding a presale on 27th, September, 2022.

You can participate by clicking the link below to apply for a pass, as only those with a pass can buy the Presale.


Good luck!

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