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Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

If you've been following my threads, you might have In one way or the other come across the word "EVM ''. In today's thread we'll be talking about the "EVM" and the role it plays in #Web3.

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What is an EVM?

Ethereum Virtual Machine as it's commonly known is a part of the Ethereum Network that deals with the computing and programming done on the network. In simpler terms, it can be seen as the part of the Ethereum Network that handles all the programming and computing activities that are done on the Blockchain.

What does it do?

•It's in charge of every single transaction that happens on the Ethereum Network.

•It confirms the digital signature of a transaction, and also helps with the nonce of a particular transaction account, Incase of any mismatch, it'll prompt a transaction error.

(P.S: The nonce is a part of the cryptography hash function which ensures that old transactions cannot be reprocessed. )

•It calculates the gas fee required for each transaction.

•It executes the transfer of ether tokens to appropriate addresses.

•It is a runtime environment for smart contracts.

Not much of a hassle to understand right? With this I'm sure you've gotten to understand the concept of an "EVM".

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